Photo by Riley Ansa
Soledad Diaz utilizes oil paint, photography, found plant matter, and the compositional centering of queer'ed bodies to craft a naturalist and animist vision of growth in marginal spaces. Diaz, a Houston native, works from within a Cuban and Mexican heritage and focuses on place, nature, and identity. The peace and safety in the spaces Sol Diaz creates on canvas bleed into the real, and speak with the tempered grace of the vulnerable who have found protection. Their work as a whole stands on its own as a quiet, spiritual, and radical act​​​​​​​
Sol Diaz, a native of Houston, Texas’ historic Heights neighborhood, is a painter, illustrator, and performance and installation artist. They received their BA in Humanities with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Houston Downtown in 2020. Diaz was one of seven artists chosen for the Project Row Houses 2018 Summer Studios Residency, and in 2019 they participated in a collaborative performance piece presented in DiverseWorks’ Bayou City B’all exhibition. Diaz is currently at work on a project funded by the Idea Fund's 2021 award cycle.