Photo by Riley Ansa
Artist statement: 

Through painting, photography, interactive community projects, and installation art, visual artist Sol Diaz explores personal narratives, history, and the poetic relationship between nature and man. Guided by this inspiration, and working from their own relationship to colonization as a Brown and Queer person, Diaz crafts an animist vision of growth in marginal spaces. Their work as a whole stands on its own as a quiet, spiritual, and radical act.


Sol Diaz, lives and works in his native city of Houston, TX. They received their BA in Humanities with a Culture Studies Concentration from the University of Houston – Downtown in 2021.  Recently, Diaz was featured within and on the cover of Lo Familiar y lo Perdido, a collaborative publication between Mujeres Malas and Fifth Wheel Press. In 2018, Diaz was one of seven artists chosen for Project Row Houses Summer Studios Residency and in 2021, Diaz received funding from the Idea Fund for their social practice project, "The Place I Know".
July_22 Reminding myself to play to my strengths this month & trust that there will still be growth in that
February_22 "If you have control over something - why worry about it? If you don't have control over something - why worry about it?" -Bert Long
November_21 "You can tell a lot from a man by how he keeps his truck" -Xaxuum Omer
April_21 Feels like my face occupies extra dimensions
December_20 "Everything, a request for love"
November_20 My hair felt like a sculpture
September_20 "There will never be another me" Neon pop-trunk sign on a Slab
June_19 Testosterone enters me and the world looks different

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