Roots to the Row 
On View: Saturday, July 2 – Sunday, August 7, 2022 
Docents at Project Row Houses play an integral role within the organization by maintaining and honoring its oral history through storytelling, guided tours, and supporting a cohesive bond between art and community.  Many have met Emily Areta, Sol Diaz, and Trinity Pasco-Stardust at the front desk, or have run into them around our site as they’ve helped install our Rounds, supported art programming, or as they steward the seven artist houses along the row. In addition to their Docent roles on site, Areta, Diaz, and Pasco-Stardust each have their own artistic practices, bringing them together as a team, and guiding them as they contribute to Project Row Houses. 
In this inaugural show, we celebrate the jaunt each artist journeyed to the Row. Through painting, sound, video, and multimedia storytelling, each artist shares their history, memory, and roots. Together, these works intertwine and continue the tradition of Project Row Houses as a living social sculpture – creating art in community with one another and shaping the world around us. 

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